We are an international company that operates through Strategic Purchasing (Strategic Sourcing). With more than 10 years of experience, knowledge and development in the international business industry, we currently have legally constituted companies in Colombia, China, Hong Kong and Australia.

Through this methodology we seek to create value and obtain a competitive advantage, by choosing and selecting the best commercial collaborators. We analyse the external, internal, financial, and logistics costs, to maximise the cost-benefit ratio of each purchase, the level of quality, suppliers, price, delivery time, speed of operating processes and the performance of the production chain as a whole.

We are an International Agent specialised in market analysis, purchasing trends and total cost of ownership (TCO) of the products and services acquired, we strengthen relationships between customers and suppliers to obtain greater advantage and competitiveness.

The main concept of our organisation is to provide success in purchasing management. The relationship with suppliers within strategic sourcing is carried out in a collaborative, transparent and sustainable way, allowing our customers and suppliers to find and display sustainable and quality products, making use of new technologies and web platforms.

Business Values

Our important trajectory has been characterised by the great work of our team and the fulfilment of the business values ​​that we have formed over the years.

  • Customer Orientation
  • Quality
  • Transparency
  • Social Responsibility

We rely on the laws and guarantees stipulated in trade treaties between blocs and countries to provide our customers and suppliers with better opportunities. We have been growing in recent years with clients from different countries such as the United States, Australia, Colombia, Uruguay and Costa Rica. Consolidating purchases for over 2,000 products.

General Objective

Offer our clients in Asia, Pacific and Latin America a representative of their company through our company, with a clear knowledge of the negotiation process in Asia and Latin America that provides security, quality and transparency throughout the process.


Obtain a competitive advantage by choosing and selecting the best commercial collaborators, providing success in purchasing management.


By 2026 we aim to become the most recognised Strategic Sourcing company in Asia, the Pacific and Latin America, due to our export benefits, price and quality standards.

Team of Experts

We are an international company that operates through Strategic Sourcing to help our clients obtain exceptional quality products at great prices.

Sergio Cristancho

Founder & CEO

Bendis Charry

Office Manager

Víctor Berna


Alejandra Giraldo


Mauricio Talero

Social Media Marketing

Team Lunch

We Provide the Best Service in The Industry

We customise quotes according to the client’s specific needs, finalised within a 5 day period. We send you up to 3 options from different providers, with detailed information to help facilitate decision-making.