For EXPO IMP INTERNATIONAL SOURCING The Most Important Thing Is To Understand And Establish A Relationship Of Trust, Security And Exceptional Work With Our Clients.

Our work methodology is embodied in the following steps:

1. Search For Suitable Suppliers Under Client Specifications.

2. Present At Least 3 Supplier Quotes.

3. Manufacturer Creates Purchasing Report.

4. Deposit Paid For Manufacturer To Begin Production.

5. Merchandise Inspected And Verified. Report Created For Client.

6. Merchandise Stored In Warehouse (If Required).

7. Packing List Is Prepared.

8. Client Pays Remaining Balance Once Merchandise Is Verified For Dispatch

9. Merchandise Is Dispatched.

We Provide The Best Service In The Industry

We are an International Agent specialised in market analysis, purchase trends and total cost of ownership (TCO) for over 10 years.